Angela Woodcock with wings

Welcome to The Inner Temple, your gateway to divine empowerment and personal transformation!  Congratulations, fellow traveler, you have taken the first step on the hallowed journey of re-sacredizing your life!  

The Lady Oxannamoon, otherwise known as Reverend Angela, has long been a seeker on the path of Love, Wisdom and Power.  A second generation Shamanic Witch, she realized early that there is a hollowness in this mad frenzy that we call modern life.  Gone is the sense of community that once made life a constant interplay of love with extended family.  Gone with that, is the sense of personal responsibility that comes from knowing that each of us is wanted and needed…that each of us was intended, and that each of us has a vital part to play in the unfolding of all creation!  Gone are the celebrations that once marked the turning of the seasons, the Wheel of the Year, and the progression of our lives!  Humankind is crying out in its brokenness for all that we have lost and surrendered to our technological adolescence, and all of creation aches to have us back.  Too long have we allowed the fertile fields of our souls to lie fallow, and now we are ripe for a rebirth! 

Sensing that the time was at hand, that a tipping point of consciousness is upon us, Lady Oxannamoon founded The Inner Temple to be a light along the pathway! 

Kind and kin have been calling you home…welcome to The Inner Temple!


Angela hoodedOur Philosophy:

Every human is divine.  All that is needed is the right combination of keys, and each of us is reawakened to the reality of what we are: a maker of worlds!  The Inner Temple seeks to foster a generation of empowered beings who, blossoming into the fullest manifestation of their potential, will make an unprecedented life-affirming contribution to the world!  Your Golden Child still slumbers within you, my friend…are you ready to wake the babe and claim your divine birthright?

We do not exist outside of Nature.  We are of the Earth; she is our Mother.  Human separation from the rest of creation is an illusion whose heavy price is suddenly becoming all too clear.  Earth based religions are seeing a resurgence around the world as Earth’s children wander a spiritual wasteland, searching a sterile construct for signs of life.  Crying out to be reunited with all that we left behind, we yearn for reconnection to the regenerative powers of Goddess, Mother and EarthThe Inner Temple has answered that call with classes in Wiccan philosophy and practice, Shamanic teachings, The Medicine Wheel, natural medicine, the herbal apothecary, the healing powers of stones and crystals, Faery, Ancestor, and other traditions of magickal teaching that strengthen the naturally existing connections that flow through all life everywhere.

All beings are at their core, whole and healthy, and it is only as a result of falling out of right alignment with ourselves that illness and disease are able to creep into our existence.  Where our energy fields are weak, invaders will enter!  The Inner Temple takes a holistic approach, encouraging the health of body, mind and spirit, through prayer, meditation, yoga, bellydance, energy work, spiritual counseling, energy healing, and hypnotherapy for past life regression, weight loss, smoking cessation and other addictions.  Whole-being happiness requires whole-being health!

Life is meant to be a celebration of love, magick and wonder!  The Inner Temple seeks to bring Magick back into our lives, and a great part of that is honoring the truth: we are all on a journey of self-exploration together, and it is in each other that we will discover ourselves!   Monthly offerings to mark the evolution of our lives include dark and light Esbat Circles, as well as rituals to celebrate the Sabbats, high and low.   Lady Oxannamoon is singularly talented in creating enchanting weddings and hand-fastings, funeral rites, vision quests and other prayer ceremonies.  Rites of Passage, such as first menses and coming of age, as well as ceremonial blessing and naming of children, blessing of homes and businesses, and other observances to honor the milestones along your sacred journey are lovingly crafted and designed custom for each seeker!

There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophies!  The Inner Temple offers magickal instruction for nurturing our innate psychic abilities, techniques for crafting spells, rituals, talismans, amulets, potions and healing poultices, methods of self-hypnosis and other inwardly induced altered states of consciousness, Goddess mysteries, dream work and dream analysis, divination, mediumship, channeling, physical manifestation of spiritual power such as spoon bending, tarot and psychic readings, and other-otherworldly connections to our guides, guardians, angels, gods and other light beings in an eclectic, Shamanic tradition.