~Can I go Into the Gold?~


Who can attend Into the Gold?
~ Seekers of all ages are warmly invited Into the Gold!  Children under eighteen must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Can I bring my pets?
~ Well behaved pets are most welcome!  There are many animals residing on the ranch, so you must bring a leash in case it is needed!  If you have an “exotic pet” please contact us before arrival.

Can I bring my children?
~ Absolutely!  Into the Gold is a family event!

How do I register for Into the Gold?
~ Via the Paypal links on our website.
                             ~ or ~
Snail Mail:   The Inner Temple
                 P.O. Box 1655
                 Topanga, CA 90290
*Please indicate what kind of pass(es) you are buying on your check/money order.

Can I come just for the weekend? Just for a day?
~ Full festival passes, as well as one night only, two nights only, and day pass options are available - please see the registration page for pricing details.

How long do I have to purchase my passport? Can I buy a passport at the gate?
~ Registration will close at 11:59pm on Wednesday, August 15th.  There are no tickets available at the gate.

Are there any discounts, scholarships, or work exchanges available?
~ Contact Lady Oxannamoon for work exchange information: 310-455-2028 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

What is the cancellation/refund policy?
~ Full refunds are available until August 1, 2012; 50% refunds available until August 10, 2011.  No refunds will be given after August 10, 2011.  If the festival is cancelled all monies will be refunded.

~How do I get Into the Gold?~

Where is the festival located?
~ Into the Gold is held at an exquisite 17-acre spiritual ranch in the mountains of Malibu, California! Google Maps will tell you it’s 39 minutes from the intersection of the 101 and 405 to our campground!

After I buy my passport when will I receive my welcome email and directions to the site?
~ You will receive your welcome email and purchase confirmation within 48 hours of registration.  Exact location and directions to the campsite will be emailed to registrants one week before the festival.

What will the weather be like?
~ Temperatures should be in the mid to low 70's during the day and the mid 60’s at night.

What are my transportation options?
~ We recommend carpooling and can help connect you with one!

Is there free parking?
~ Parking is free and abundant. We’ll let folks pull up as close as possible while unloading, but you will not be allowed to leave your car at your campsite.

~What is it like In the Gold?~

Are there cabins?
~ No, but you are welcome to set up a giant tent with all of the comforts of home!

Are there RV hookups?
~ No.

What kind of facilities and amenities are there?
~ Extraordinary butte-top Medicine Wheel with 360 degree canyon views, 20 foot authentic Plains Indian teepee with fire pit and an altar to Two Bulls, genuine Mongolian wedding yurt, horses, llamas, alpacas, pigs, turkeys, chickens, geese, indoor bathroom with hot showers, fire rings, 17 private acres of trails, caves, and ocean views!

Are camping spaces assigned -- how can I be sure I get to camp next to my friends?
~ This is a large estate with ample room for everyone! Camping spaces are not assigned, but those “saving” spaces for friends have always been accommodated. If you are part of a large group that wishes to camp together please e-mail us so that we can plan accordingly.

Can I stay in a hotel and commute to the event?
~ Yes, you can stay in a hotel in nearby Malibu or Thousand Oaks, but we prefer that you do not break the energy of our familial circle by leaving the campground unless you absolutely do not camp!  Hotel accommodations are not included in your passport to Into the Gold.

~How should I nourish myself In the Gold?~

What should I bring to eat and drink?
~ Firepits are the only facilities available for cooking at Into the Gold so a camping stove is recommended. You will be responsible for all of your own food. We share a communal meal each day of the festival: potluck suppers on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, and a community breakfast on Monday morning. Please bring a delicious food or beverage item to contribute to each of these banquets!                                              ~ You will need to bring your own drinking water; we recommend one gallon per day per person.                                                                          ~ The temperate climate in Malibu makes it easy to maintain perishable items in an ice chest for the length of the festival.

What should I bring for the potluck?
~ Bring your favorite dish to the potlucks...just bring enough to share!  
~ At Monday’s communal breakfast, we cook and share all the food we have left!

Is fire allowed outside of the main fire pit? Can we cook on the main fire?
~ There are many fire rings throughout the estate, as well as a large brick BBQ for cooking.  Cooking at the ceremonial fire pit (except for marshmallows) is not recommended. If you plan to use the fire rings bring your own wood, shovel, and bucket for water. Be very careful gathering kindling -- do not gather dry poison oak branches!!

Is there a dumpster for my trash and recyclables?
~There are no dumpsters, you must pack out your own trash. Please bring trash bags for use at your campsite.

~Is it safe In the Gold?~

Will there be security guards? How do I find them?
~ Yes, there will be security, identifiable by an arm band.  Into the Gold is an intimate gathering of about 150 people.  All personnel will be introduced and reintroduced throughout the festival.

Will there be a nurse or first aid person? How do I find them?
~ Yes, there will be trained medical staff in attendance. They will be identified at the opening ceremony and often throughout the weekend.

What does poison oak look like?
~ Click here to read up on poison oak. The amount of poison oak in this area varies year to year, but there is almost always some. If you’re unsure how to identify it please ask for help!

Can I drink the creek water?
~ No.  Open water sources are not potable!

What if I get lost in the gold?
~ If you decide to go hiking be sure to tell several friends which direction you are headed and how long you plan to be gone. Our camping packing list includes an emergency whistle -- this is the time to wear it!  

~Can I contribute to the Gold?~

Can I submit a ritual, workshop, or event to be included in the schedule?
~ Send in your submissions now for Into the Gold 2012, we always close programming many months in advance.

Can I peddle my services or wares at this event? Is there a vendor fee?
~ There is no fee for vending at Into the Gold; just donate an item valued at $50 or more to our raffle!

If I’m vending do I have to pay for a passport as well?
~ Yes...but there is no fee to vend!

~What do I need to know about attending a Lughnasadh Festival?~


What if this is my first pagan festival?
~The Gods have smiled on you, my are in for a scintillating adventure! Lugnasadh is the First Feast of the Harvest.  And as the waning days of summer surrender themselves to the season of the Crone, we cast away the extraneous and gather to us in celebration, all that is dear - giving thanks for the bounty of life!  Come and revel in the blessings of hearth, home, and family!  Dance with your children in the dappled light of the oaken forest and remember the simple pleasures of days gone by! Lose yourself in the heady drunkenness of spiritual ecstasy within the safety of The Inner Temple; where the same beautiful players come together year after year to celebrate the Sabbats, recognizing one another as clan and kin, and joining together once and again in the Dance of Olde...and always, we are gathering our tribe to us!  

Welcome to the Inner Temple!  Come with us Into the Gold and Sing the Songs of Harvest Home ~

Are there any taboos or prohibitions?
~ Do no harm.  
~ Respect personal boundaries.  Do not touch anyone without permission!  
~ Do not provide alcohol to persons under age 21.
~ Pack it in - pack it out!  Do not litter - this includes cigarette butts!  

Will there be nudity?
~ Into the Gold is a family camping event and there will be children in attendance; therefore we ask that adult activities be limited to the over-eighteen-only Fire Circle each night after 10:00pm.  

Can I take pictures? Can I shoot video?
~ Photography and video for personal enjoyment are allowed, however you should not publish any photos of others, especially children, to public websites such as Facebook or Twitter.  When in doubt, ask permission!  Photography and video for publication is not allowed without written consent from the subjects and The Inner Temple.


The Inner Temple beckons you Into the Gold...Sing the Songs of Harvest Home!~
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