Schedule of Events for Into the Gold 2012!



Friday, August 17th

3:00pm - Gates open to the public
4:00pm - Children’s Faery & Magick Workshop with Lady Alaeza of The Grove of the Sacred Spring and Well of the Moon
6:00pm - Crafting Workshop: “Medicine Art” with Jeanne “The Feather Lady” Delaney
7:30pm - The Inner Temple welcomes you: Opening Ceremony and Potluck Supper
9:00pm - Songs and Stories by the Fire for the whole family
10:00pm - Adults only Bardic Circle, followed by Drumming and Dancing through the Night!

Saturday, August 18th

7:00am - Sunrise on the Medicine Wheel with Lady Angela Oxannamoon Earth Cloud~
8:00am - Wake the Body and Soul with Devon Kouadio
8:30am - Morning Meditation in the Mongolian Yurt with Jason Mahoney
9:00am  - Breakfast
10:00am - Herbwalk with Master Gardener/Master Herbalist, Julie James
12:00pm - Lunch
1:00pm - Word Magic with Laurel Airica
1:00pm - Children’s Workshop: Learn to Facepaint and Create a Ceremonial Garland with Kaila Kaiden of Raven’s Cry Grove and Devon Kouadio
3:00pm - Orion Foxwood and Lammas Traditions of Olde, Part 1
5:00pm - Griffin Ap Ced and Carrie Wolf present, The Horseman's Word: an exploration of the Legacy of the Horsemen's Society in Traditional British Craft  
7:00pm - The Inner Temple presents: A Seussical Children’s Ritual and Potluck Supper
8:30pm - Marshmallows and Stories by the Fire
9:30pm - Hitching the Dray Horse of Ridge and Furrow: A Ced Traditional Craft Dark Moon Working
11:00pm - Tribe performance, featuring Fire Dancers Audrey LeBenz and Devon Kouadio, with special guests, High Priestess Regan and Hauk’s Chris Dooley!
12:00am - Adults Only, Drumming and Dancing through the night!

Sunday, August 19th

7:00am -Sunrise on the Medicine Wheel with Cheryl Janecky
8:00am - Qigong with Brandi Wright
8:30am - Morning Meditation and Drum Circle in the Teepee with Angela Earth Cloud~
9:00am - Breakfast
10:00am - Rev. Ren Zatopek - Hallowed Healer Workshop
10:00am - Children’s Plaster-Cast Face Masks with Devon Kouadio
11:30am - Tony and Jo-Ann MIerzwicki: Apocolypse Nowish - the End is Nigh? 12/21/12 and the The Mayan Long Count Calendar 1:00pm - Lunch
2:00pm - Workshop: Shaman Ways with Cheryl Janecky
2:00pm -  Children’s Bardic Studies (song, dance, theater, poetry, glow poi) with Devon Kouadio, Solstice, and Lady Oxannamoon~
4:30pm - Lammas Traditions of Olde, Part 2 with Orion Foxwood
7:00pm - Children’s Bardic Presentation and Potluck Supper
9:00pm - The Inner Temple presents: Running with the Beast, A Ritual Quest to Embrace the Animal Within
10:30pm - Adults Only, Drumming and Dancing through the night!

Monday, August 20th
7:00am - Wake the Sun at the Hupa with Lady Angela Oxannamoon~
8:00am - Breakfast and Pack-up
9:00am - Children’s Animal Speak with Lady Angela~
10:00am - Workshop: The Sacred Geometry of the Square with Nate Stimmel
12:00pm - Raffle and Closing Ritual: Lammas, the Festival of First Fruits with Orion Foxwood and Lady Oxannamoon~
1:00pm - Closing Words and departure

*Schedule subject to change.


 The Inner Temple beckons you Into the Gold...Sing the Songs of Harvest Home!~

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