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Faery Mysterium is a place where fantasy and reality merge, become entwined, enmeshed, and are sometimes indistinguishable.... here in an alchemy of sea and stone, crystal and craft, mystic truth has emerged for you to receive. These lyrically whimsical artworks are also portals to other worlds of wonder beyond. Each piece carries it's own energy of a beautiful, magical individual being, be it faery, deva, sprite, nymph or lovely other.... you will meet them.

Each precious work is an alchemical combination of hand chosen crystals, minerals and gemstones. To these are added beautiful coral sea fans & shells found washed ashore, fantastically shaped driftwood and soft mosses. Copper is wound round each piece, with all then carefully soldered together to create something the world has never known... until now.
Something so beautifully crafted, something sacred for you to cherish and feel within your heart of hearts. A place for you to know your truest self, where you are known and loved and held as dear always.  
A sweet place of beauty offered to you through the exquisite artworks of Faery Mysterium.

Orchid And Serpent Stores carries everything for your erotic needs, from Simple Fantasy to Hardcore Fetish Gear. We are your one stop sex shop! We carry everything you can imagine and more.

Orchid and Serpent was founded by Mistress Orchid and Master Serpent, a loving, playful couple in the BDSM community. Mistress Orchid has been formally teaching others Sex Education for 10 years, and Master Serpent has been playing with electricity and other fun equipment for even longer.

The company was created with the philosophy that everyone should have access to quality sex enhancers at a reasonable price. We strive to bring customers the regular favorites, while also introducing new brands and toys.

Empowered living is a difficult skill to master when our world seems to require that we exist in a state of near constant distraction.  Disconnected from our authentic selves, we are driven by an invisible and unnamed longing: the deep and ancient pain of separation and abandonment. In order to answer this cry from our souls, we must reweave into its fabric, clarity, receptivity, and inner-stillness.  Only through fostering these qualities do we allow ourselves the opportunity to gaze upon our authentic inner landscape.  
You can take charge of  your life!  A spiritual consultation with Orion releases the fear and pain surrounding the illusion of abandonment and opens the Self to receive the inflowing tide of compassion and higher guidance!  This powerful work allows the Seeker to "look between the strands of the web at the light concealled within.”
Orion's oracle readings utilize his Inner Spirit Contacts and the Faery Vision Key Stones born of his Seership practices to:
Interpret the imprint of the Spirit World on the events and current circumstances of your life
Engage in spiritual mediation and healling on your behalf
Offer prescriptive advice and guidance, including instruction in magickal techniques specific to your challenges
Teach you to mitigate the influence of active spiritual imprints.
Attunement  -  Alignment  -  Agreement
To book an appointment with Orion at Into the Green contact Lady Oxannamoon at 310-455-2028 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

I have an absolute passion for feathers of all kinds, but pheasants are my favorite! They are amazing birds; I use Ringneck, Golden, Silver, Red Chinese, and Lady Amherst pheasants in my creations, and you'll also see things like Cockatoo, peacock, rooster or parrot, because people give me feathers so often! And then there's all the pelican feathers I get from Venice.

I've been working with feathers since 1978; my creations include dream catchers, masks, pens, hatbands, earrings, and hair clips.
What do I mean by "cruelty free" feathers? That the feathers were naturally molted (they fell off of a living bird), and that the bird wasn't commercially kept. Sadly, birds at commercial farms are kept in tiny cramped cages, and/or they have their beaks cut so they can't peck each other and destroy their feathers. Worse of all are the places that kill a bird for a one time collection of feathers! Talk about killing the goose that laid the golden egg!
My feathers all come from cruelty free sources, and I've literally washed and blow-dried many of them. I've been blessed with a collection of family and friends who raise birds and send me feathers! For example, the rooster feathers all come from Aunt Alyce; the Ringneck Pheasant come from my cousin in Colorado. And the Seagull and Pelican come from Venice Beach, CA, where I collect them personally.
An Oasis of Spirit and Dance. We specialize in metaphysical gifts such as incense, burners, oils, oil burners, semi-precious gemstones, tapestries, cards, and jewelry. We also specialize in Tribal belly dance attire such as 25 yard skirts, hip belts, kucchi jewelry, cholis, and all of your other dance needs. We are exclusive dealers for Sharifwear Fusion Belly Dance Clothing and Alchemy of England Jewelry and Clothing. We carry clothing for both sexes, our book selection and tarot selection is extensive. We have a classroom in the back of the store where we run drum circles, belly dance classes, workshops, Crafting your Craft and various other activities. Come check us out for all of your spiritual and dancing needs.
Other Vendors:
Doc's Sterling and Stones
Brittany Lockart's Chain-mail and Jewelry