Full moon over ocean

Moon Circles

The cycles of the moon once held great importance for the races of is it that we have forgotten?  And even as we distract ourselves with the fury of sights and sounds that is 21st century America, still she is there.  She affects the rotation of our Earth; She pulls the you think that she does not pull you?  Come and dance to the rhythm of life - embrace your personal, monthly ripening as Lady Moon shows us her fullest self!


Upcoming Esbat


Full Moons at Topanga State Beach

Come and dance upon the beach in the Full Moonlight! ~

Upcoming Esbat: Wednesday, October 8th at 7:30pm, $10 cash

The Inner Temple cordially invites you to come and dance on the sand in the Full Moonlight!~

We gather on the beach, just north of where Beautiful Topanga Canyon meets the mighty Pacific! Ritual begins promptly at 8pm; please dress festively and warmly, and bring your drums and other instruments, your beautiful spirits, and a delicious food or beverage to share at our potluck supper; all are encouraged to bring an offering for the sea!
$10 cash donation requested; no one turned away for lack of funds.

Do not park in the paid parking lot for Topanga Beach as they ticket after dusk.  There is free street parking adjacent to the Topanga State Beach paid parking lot, just north of the intersection of Topanga Canyon Boulevard and PCH.

Meet us on that beach, and we shall make the magick that made the world!~

Please visit our Facebook event page!

Awaken your divinity at The Inner Temple!~



New Moons

Painting of Sisters

The Inner Temple's monthly gathering at the time of the New Moon offers an opportunity for all sisters to come together and share the strength and beauty of their goddess souls, and to lovingly hold each other's dreams through the coming cycle. 

Because of the personal nature of the work done at this time of the year, The Inner Temple's New Moon Gathering is currently open to new sisters by invitation-only. Membership is available to all who identify as women.

Awaken your Divinity at The Inner Temple! ~

Moon Phase