Lady Oxannamoon - green

Lady Oxannamoon was born to be a teacher.  When the Goddess dreamed her into existence, the lights of inspiration, transformation, and clear and gentle communication were set into the constellation of her soul.  And after a lifetime of study and dedication to esoteric philosophies, psychology, hypnosis, music, dance, poetry, personal gnosis and the magickal arts, Lady Oxannamoon is uniquely able to awaken the guru, the magician, and the dancing Goddess still slumbering within each of us!  She is not just a researcher and lecturer, but a great story teller - her love for the art of instruction is ever apparent and her talent with metaphor and analogy is unparalleled; elevating even the most arcane and difficult subject matter to a place of effortless assimilation and sheer enjoyment!   As a dancer she is sublime, her gift with form and movement translating to the student - answering the sacred cry of every shackled spirit with gracious permission to embrace our goddess bodies and be BEAUTIFUL!  Come and rekindle the light that is all begins at The Inner Temple! ~  

Rev. Angela has been teaching magickal philosophy and practice throughout the United States for more than a decade, and is thrilled to be the newest faculty member of The International Metaphysical University.